Welcome to Stage 2 of the Success Path. Stage 2 is for those ladies who have been shooting a fair few times. It's for the ladies who know basic safety, who are having lessons and that are getting to grips with what's what. In Stage 2 we're going to uplevel your knowledge and we're going to learn:

  1. A look at different guns
  2. Buying your first gun
  3. Shooting on your own
  4. What else you need when you buy a gun
  5. What is Gun Fit? 
  6. Shotgun Cleaning & Maintenance (Coming Soon!)


Stage 2: Lesson 1 – A look at different shotguns

By Victoria Knowles-Lacks | December 27, 2018

We’re kicking of Stage 2 with a look at different types of shotguns and the different calibres and what they’re used for. When you’re just starting out you might not know what you’d use a semi auto for or when you might use a side by side. We hope by the end of this video…

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Stage 2: Lesson 2 – Buying your first shotgun

By Victoria Knowles-Lacks | January 8, 2019

We have a special guest for this lesson! Anita visits the wonderful Abbey Ling of Ling Shooting LTD in Somerset. Abbey is a World Cup Winner, she’s medalled at the World Championships, she’s a shooting instructor, Mom and gun shop and shooting ground owner! We’re delighted to have her join us to talk about buying…

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Stage 2: Lesson 3 – Shooting on your own

By Victoria Knowles-Lacks | January 8, 2019

When you’re new to shooting going from the comfort of an instructor or from an S&CBC to shooting on your own can feel a little daunting! We’ve all been there, but…. it’s such milestone to get out shooting in between lessons with new friends. In this video Anita covers: How you prepare to start shooting…

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Stage 2: Lesson 4 – What else you need when you buy a gun

By Victoria Knowles-Lacks | July 3, 2019

So, you know what you’re looking for when it comes to buying a gun. Do you know what else you need too? Maybe you’re looking to build your kit ahead of buying a gun? Whichever way you plan on doing things, Abbey explains what else you need when you have your own gun. In this…

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Stage 2 – Lesson 5: What is Gun Fit?

By Victoria Knowles-Lacks | July 4, 2019

By now you’ll have heard of people talking about gun fit, or the importance of getting your gun fitted to you. The idea of this lesson is to tell you what is it and why it’s important. If you’d like to know more, we have an entire bundle on Gun Fit with leading gun fitter,…

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