Stage 1 – Lesson 1: Basic Safety

Welcome to Lesson 1 – where it all starts; safety!

Being safe is the absolute core of all shooting sports and there’s that old phrase that “Safety is no accident”, the mantra of all shooters! When we’re starting out we need to know the basics. We’ll learn this in our lessons with our instructors, but this video is about reinforcing what you learn and really getting a safe way top of mind from the outset.

In our first video, Anita talks about:
– Basics Rules of Safety aka “The Golden Rules”
– What a safe shot look like?
– Safety when it comes to the gun
– Being safe on the stand

We hope this helps inform you of what you need to know as an absolute baseline when it comes to safety. A lot of it is common sense and you will pick so much up as you go. To get familiar with safety from the outset download the CPSA Golden Rules of Safety below!

What’s your biggest take away from this lesson? Let us know, or if you have any questions in the members Facebook Group!