Stage 1 – Lesson 5: The Basics

By now you should know what’s what when it comes to basic safety, next we’re knocking it up a gear and are going to get down into the nitty-gritty of the basics of shooting.

This lesson is all about having a look at basic eye dominance, stance and gun mount. All three will be covered in your lessons with your instructor, however, if you have any knowledge gaps, then hopefully this video will help.

In this lesson Anita covers:
– The three big basics: eye dominance, stance and gun mount!
– The reasons behind the above
– The stance and why it’s important
– Basic eye dominance and how you find out what your dominant eye is
– What gun mount is and why it’s important

What’s your biggest take away from this lesson? Let us know, or if you have any questions in the members Facebook Group!