Stage 2 – Lesson 5: What is Gun Fit?

By now you’ll have heard of people talking about gun fit, or the importance of getting your gun fitted to you. The idea of this lesson is to tell you what is it and why it’s important. If you’d like to know more, we have an entire bundle on Gun Fit with leading gun fitter, Tom Payne. Click here to watch the Gun Fit Bundle.

In this video Anita covers:

  • What actually is gun fit?
  • Why do you need to have your gun fitted?
  • Where do you find a gun fitter?
  • How a fitted gun feels
  • A badly fitted gun
  • How you tell if your gun doesn’t fit you

Have you had your gun fitted? Let us know in the Facebook Group on this post. You can share your experience of it, leave a recommendation for a gun fitter or just let us know if you have!